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Once Upon A Time...
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 One Small Step for This Man
 Once upon a time, in a tiny village in Japan, there lived a man named Taizo.  He was an electrician who ran his business out of the first floor of his quaint little home.  

 But during this time, Japan was over come by the dreadful "mouretsu-shaiin" a.k.a. "workaholics syndrome."  He gradually became sick and ill as stress and fatigue over came him.

 One day, he thought of a brilliant idea.  "I will get up and out of here!  To the country of peace and tranquility I will go!"

 When he arrived, he knew not soul in Canada, nor a word of English.  With a family to support and a life to build, he knew that he had to work hard to make it in Vancouver.   
 He thought, thought hard, then thought some more.  "Aha, I've got it!  I left Japan for a better life and for a better HOME!  I will go into Real Estate!"  
 And from that day on, with drive and purpose, he has kept on moving forward.  

 Like The Wheels Of A Car

 A year after I arrived in Canada, I received my Real Estate Sales License and began working as an individual salesman.

 Being Japanese myself, clients from Japan were able to buy/sell houses in Vancouver in their native language with ease.  However, as they lived overseas, proper management of their properties became an issue.

 As a single salesperson is not allowed to manage property on their own in BC, I had but only one choice.
 In 1985, I opened Naka Realty Ltd., or what is now known as Oak West Realty Ltd. 
 Being able to help a person buy or sell a house is of great importance to me.  But through this industry, I've realized that Real Estate does not end at the purchase or sale; especially for those overseas, the management aspect of real estate is a necessity. 

 Today, we emphasize the overall satisfaction of our clients through more than just sales.  Our company supports all aspects of the real estate industry:  from leasing to purchasing to selling to managing to investing.  Each facet of Real Estate is like the wheel of a car; you need all of them to drive!